Comic Book Quotes
BANG! Just kidding.
Wade Wilson a.k.a. Deadpool (via ivebeenthebadguy)
Why don’t you just get drunk and expose yourself like all the other attention whores?
Green Arrow (via captaingarth)
Babies creep me out. Rock-a-by-BANG
Deadpool (via andy-lenners)

”Grown-ups… are a strange breed! Their brains weigh close to three pounds, and that’s not three pounds of cheery delight!” — The Tick

It’s just the way of it, Son. We all sell our souls sooner or later.
John Constantine, Hellblazer: Rake at the Gates of Hell. (via izabelmarrupho)
So when you find yourself locked onto an unpleasant train of thought, heading for the places in your past where the screaming is unbearable, remember there’s always madness. Madness is the emergency exit…
The Joker, The Killing Joke (via cszychoski)
Warmaster, we think too often in terms of dualism: Jedi or Sith, light or dark, right or wrong. But there are three sides to this blade, not two, opposed and similar at the same time. The third edge is the Mandalorian.
Vergere - Star Wars: Legacy (via crimsonkhan)
A truckload of TNT heading straight for a busload of nuns, what is this a 1960’s comic?
The Flash (via johnnyoops)
There are people. There are stories.
The people think they shape the stories, but the reverse is often closer to the truth.

Alan Moore 

Down Among the Dead Men”, Swamp Thing Annual #2, 1985

(via intelectomuerto)

Maybe the world..has run out of room..for monsters.
Alan Moore Swamp Thing (via intelectomuerto)
I don’t think you understand, this is not a mud pit, this is an operating table, and I’m the surgeon
The Dark Knight Returns (via dannytheasian)


We’re asking all of you able to shine - do it as brightly as you can!” - The Flash.
My father always told me, “Death is the only thing you can count on in this world”. I murdered him, and proved him right.
Black Hand (via thespencerjohnson)
Everything is preordained. Even my responses.
‘Watchmen’ by Alan Moore (via arborise)
Did I finally reach the limits of reason? And find the Devil waiting? And was that fear in his eye
Batman (via themoderndepression)